Verdicts and Settlements

The worth of any attorney is his or her ability to bring about a result that adequately compensates a victim for injuries received in any negligence or wrongful death action. In addition to many other successful results for clients, some representative cases are as follows:

  • Wrongful death resulting from airline crash case representing one of the flight crew - $925,000
  • Negligent reading of body tissue slide by lab that missed presence of cancer $1.8 Million
  • Wrongful death head-on car collision $4.0 Million
  • Severe facial injury in head-on car accident $495,000.00
  • Premises Liability rape case at apartment complex $750,000.00
  • Wrongful death of mother in child birth medical malpractice case $535,000.00
  • Sexual abuse of employee by supervisor on job site $380,000.00
  • Local counsel on defamation suit related to death of Jon Benet Ramsey
  • Representation of a high profile Olympic champion on several matters
  • Representation for many small and medium size businesses in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area and throughout Georgia